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Beloved Servant
I want to take a moment to offer a word of encouragement to the Daughters of Zion who have embraced your Spiritual gifts within the realms of your call to discipleship. First and foremost, I enter into agreement with Jesus' prayer for strength and endurance over your lives and ministries according to John 17: 6-19.

Those in the church, who seek to hinder or block you "in Jesus' name," because of what you speak (your witness), may not necessarily know what they do, so be fervent and effectual, both to the charge of your assignment and in continued prayer for your opposition, until or unless God instructs you otherwise. Because, while they may think they're doing God's work by rebuking you, casting you out of the church, or trying to conform you (there's a difference between conformation and transformation); God has already prophesied to the contrary: Isaiah 66: 5. Moreover, Jesus knew the resistance we would face from the church, especially from its' leaders. He, himself, having been chased out the church, endured the exact same tumult long before we were even called: John 8: 42-59. While today's church folk don't pick up actual stones, at least not usually, they do sometimes, seek to kill our Spirit, a death which, according to God's Word, is far worse.

Some, in the church may feel that you are not seasoned enough, labeling you a "Babe in Christ," and misjudging you as Spiritually immature. You may very well be a "Babe in Christ," but that by no means makes you Spiritually immature. If God has anointed and appointed you, you are well qualified. I heard a preacher say, not long ago, "Babes can't lead babes." Jeremiah comes to mind: Oh that the elders had listened and counselled the people correctly. Likewise, I am reminded of Job. Just because you're going through public trial and tribulation, doesn't mean that you're less than stellar. In fact, it could be just the opposite, God called Job a "stellar man." Even though Job's friends, who were seasoned saints, knew him well, they still miscounseled him based on what the situation looked like. It took Elihu, "a Babe," by all accounts, to redirect (LEAD) them in the right direction.

I am in absolute agreement with being connected to a home based church and coming under the authority of it's RIGHTEOUS leadership. And, even though some in the church have taken offense at my witness, dismissing it as negativity, and others have accused me of church hopping or being blown by every wind of doctrine (WOW, I sometimes wonder what Bible they're reading), I must do as God commands. Because God is our foremost authority, our allegiance must first be unto Him. Therefore, I will speak as God has commands. I remind you, Daughters of Zion, of your responsibilities and rights as Jesus' disciples:
"When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is offered to you. Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The Kingdom of God is come near to you.' But when you enter a town and are not welcomed, go into its streets and say, 'Even the dust of your town we wipe from our feet as a warning to you."
(Luke 10: 1-16)

Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves. Know and exert your God given power. In Jesus' name Amen.


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Prayer Warrior
All Daughters of Zion are loved by Jesus. Continue to serve Him, love Him and sing songs of praise to Him. Jesus delights hearing you sing praises to God.


Humble Prayer Warrior
I am fasting and praying for all daughters of Jesus to be faithful and true to Him. Sharing Jesus with everyone, specially those they love and care. Jesus is coming soon and we must be ready for His appearing in the clouds in majesty and great glory. Be ready, sing songs of praise to Jesus all day lond and all night long. He delights in the praises of His people.
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